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Folktales and Myths of Trees [Sep. 11th, 2008|05:13 pm]
Mythical Realms: Folklore & Mythological Arts
This looks like an interesting community. I've always liked folk tales, and was wondering if anyone knew about this link:

Folktales and Myths of Trees

"Folktales are the soul's nourishment...
They keep the flame of possibility alive." --- Rafe Martin

The tales presented here, taken from oral traditon, have been handed down over generations and are offered by Spirit of Trees, to be retold and shared anew. Tell them indoors and out, in classrooms, parks, community centers, hospitals. Play with them; learn from them; use them to teach others.

Every tale in this collection involves a tree or forest being in one way or another. Some are cautionary tales about the perils of cutting down forests. In others, humans become transformed into trees. Trees appear in dreams. They sing and talk. They offer consolation and convey special powers. In many of the tales, a tree serves as teacher or guardian of the truth. Characters who sit under a tree or climb up into a tree are suddenly inspired to set out on a journey or receive a decisive insight. Enchanted beings, both helpful and forbidding, emerge from forest places. The world itself is shown to emerge from a tree. And, on a lighter note, noodleheads and fools are snapped to their senses through an encounter with a tree.

What are your favorite folktales about trees?

[User Picture]From: jezebellydancer
2008-09-11 07:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks for this link. I'm sure it will be helpful to me. My WIP right now is about a woman who awakens the Oak King from the Celtic Oak/Holly King myths.
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